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Our Mission

MCC’s mission is to present to the visitors of Marrakech a broad selection of impressive and entertaining places and therewith transforming their stay into an unforgettable experience. Acting as the city’s “eyes, mouth and ears”, MCC is constantly on the lookout for new and unique places that have the potential to enchant its clients with the exceptional charm of this city. Hence, MCC perceives itself as a promoter of the local culture and helps, via a sophisticated communication strategy, to reduce the inhibition thresholds of visitors to deal with this culture and its people. By presenting Marrakech in the best light, MCC is able to enthuse more visitors. This creates thus a solid economic foundation for its selected partners, enabling them to continue to further develop the city and to push forward social improvements. As part of the local tourism market, we assume our role as a voice for many prominent places and charming insider tips; hence contributing to the magic of this mystical city.