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Your perfect stay in Marrakech

The MarraCashCard offers an all-round carefree package and is tailor-made for tourists.

The clearly arranged city map will quickly acquaint you with the mysterious alleys and you will find your way to the hidden attractions rather easily. At the same time, partners from the outskirts of Marrakech are introduced, helping you organize e.g. your excursions or camel rides to the desert. Enjoy your stay with our reliable partners and spare your holiday piggy bank at every stopover.

In detail, you will get the following:

The MarraCashCard saves you money

The legend of adventures and 1001 nights attracts tourists and survivalists from all over the world and the colorful nightlife offers what they are looking for. Thus, the MarraCashCard provides you with considerable savings.

Partner of MCC Savings with MCC
Museums up to 20%
Galleries up to 20%
Cafés up to 20%
Restaurants up to 20%
Ice Cream Parlour up to 15%
Nightclubs up to 50%
Bars up to 20%
Partner of MCC Savings with MCC
Shops & Boutiques up to 30%
Excursions up to 30%
Cooking Classes up to 20%
Activities up to 20%
City Tours up to 30%
Spa & Wellness up to 30%
Car Rentals up to 25%

The MarraCashCard saves you time

Marrakech is a versatile city with lots of things to do and a great variety of entertainment. Our handy city maps guide you directly to the different attractions and indicate their opening hours. You thus save your valuable time and make the most of your vacation.

The MarraCashCard avoids stress

The narrow alleys of Marrakech can get very confusing at the beginning and getting around might be difficult. The clearly arranged city guides facilitate your way through the maze of alleys and you won’t miss out on any attraction on your discovery tour. Navigate unerringly through the Medina and impress the taxi driver even without any knowledge of Arabic. Enjoy the Oriental adventure and do not hold back. The MarraCashCard will be your companion.